Arizona Car Insurance Calculator

Arizona Car Insurance Calculator

As with most states, Arizona law mandates carrying at least the minimum car insurance requirements – in this instance $25,000 in bodily injury liability and $15,000 in property damage liability per person for bodily injury liability coverage per person and $15,000 per incident of property damage liability. Ideally though, drivers will want more coverage such as comprehensive and collision as well as uninsured motorist coverage – NerdWallet’s Car Insurance Calculator lets consumers enter details such as vehicle, driver and policy to see estimated premium costs estimates instantly!

MoneyGeek’s car insurance calculator takes an approach similar to MoneySuperMarket in which drivers provide personal data and preferences in order to create an estimate of what a policy could cost, along with an analysis of insurers highlighting which factors tend to have the biggest influence over premium costs in order to help customers make informed decisions about purchasing one.

Other important considerations when setting rates include your driving record, credit score and age. While younger and inexperienced drivers generally pay more, experienced older drivers can usually find more affordable rates. Adding a teenage driver can increase premiums up to threefold and type of car you drive is another key aspect – luxury models tend to incur higher rates than economy ones.

Your zip code can have an impactful influence on your auto insurance premiums. Cities with high crime or traffic volumes tend to command higher premiums compared to cities with lower crime or traffic volumes. It may be worth exploring local rates as many insurance providers offer discounts based on location – even just moving a few miles could mean significant savings!

While car insurance rates in Arizona vary depending on which carrier is chosen, our sample rates for 20-year-old female and male drivers with clean records demonstrate that State Farm offers competitive liability-only policies while Progressive offers full coverage at the best price. Both also have rates competitive with DUI charges in place and may offer assistance through telematics programs to rebuild credit records.

Drivers with less-than-stellar driving records will find their options for cheaper car insurance in Arizona largely determined by their individual driving history. MoneyGeek’s rate analysis indicates that drivers with multiple at-fault accidents or traffic violations may find it harder to secure affordable coverage; those convicted of serious misdemeanor or felony offenses may never find any. MoneyGeek recommends State Farm or Geico as suitable providers in these instances. If your driving history is spotless, however, you could likely find more affordable rates with companies like Allstate, Travelers or Auto-Owners Insurance. All three have stellar customer ratings but MoneyGeek also lists more companies considered cost-effective for most drivers.