Car Insurance Calculator

Kentucky ranks among the most costly states for auto insurance, with drivers spending an average of $2,181 each year on average. That’s why it’s essential to shop around and compare rates before finding the ideal coverage; with Policygenius you can quickly gain personalized quotes from top companies within minutes!

This article’s car insurance calculators are derived from real-time quotes from over 50 top carriers who provide coverage in Kentucky, and designed to give an approximate idea of your rate depending on factors like driver profile, coverage level and geographic area. Keep in mind these calculators should only be used as guidelines; your actual quotes may vary considerably from these estimates.

Car insurance calculators use various factors to assess your rate, such as age, driving record and vehicle. Each factor can have an effect on your rates; some more so than others – for instance a young driver with limited driving experience will likely get into more accidents, leading to higher premiums; conversely having good credit can lower premiums as insurers see it as evidence of responsible behavior behind the wheel.

Your driving record is one of the biggest influences on your Kentucky car insurance rates. An accident or DUI conviction on your record could see your rates skyrocket more than those with clean records; also important is how many tickets and their severity factor into your premium – they typically remain on record for at least three years but could come off sooner depending on where they occur on the map.

MoneyGeek can help you estimate a quote for Kentucky car insurance using their calculator. It takes into account factors like age, driving record and coverage levels in order to provide an approximate idea of your premiums. Other influences could be your credit score, whether teen drivers are included on your policy and whether or not additional comprehensive and collision coverage are desired in addition to standard liability.

USAA, State Farm and GEICO are three of Kentucky’s cheapest auto insurers. USAA boasts the lowest monthly average premium at an average of $172; State Farm comes in second with $154 while GEICO claims third with an average monthly quote of $149. Addition of teen drivers can increase rates up to 2.5x. Usually it is more economical for younger drivers to join their parents’ policy, although this depends on vehicle value and individual circumstances of each driver. Kentucky requires drivers to carry minimum liability car insurance; however, many opt to add collision and comprehensive policies as well. This may be required when financing their vehicle as they will help protect against financial loss in case of an accident.