Car Insurance Calculator – How the Factors Affect Your Rate

Mississippi Car Insurance Calculator

Mississippi drivers typically pay an annual car insurance premium of approximately $1,462, $76 less than the national average. This number includes liability, collision and comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible – though your actual premium could differ depending on various factors.

Drivers with impeccable records – never having been charged with DUI or another major traffic infraction – typically enjoy lower car insurance premiums. On the other hand, those who have accrued several points on their driving record, even just one speeding ticket, could see their rates significantly rise and any conviction could lead to permanent increases.

Your auto insurer considers more than your age, gender and driving history when setting your premium, including your credit score, marital status and location as rating factors that help determine how much to charge you for a policy.

Your age is the primary factor affecting your car insurance rates in Mississippi, since young drivers are more prone to accidents and therefore more expensive to insure. A male 30-year-old will typically pay approximately 2.5 times more for full coverage compared to an equivalent female driver of the same age.

Your car type can also have an effect on your Mississippi insurance premium. Repair and replacement costs tend to be higher for high-performance and luxury models than they are for standard models; plus these cars pose greater theft risks.

Location plays an essential part in determining your Mississippi car insurance rate, since different regions present differing risks in terms of crime, traffic congestion and car thefts. Drivers living in urban areas tend to pay more for car insurance than those in rural regions.

Final consideration is your level of coverage selection in Mississippi. While full coverage policies tend to cost more than minimum policies, they provide greater protection. Reputable insurers always advise customers purchasing more coverage than the minimum required by Mississippi law.

If you want to reduce the cost of car insurance in Mississippi, shop around for deals. Insurers frequently compete for your business and will offer discounts and special offers from multiple insurers. In addition, consider looking for local providers who may provide better discounts than larger national firms. You can compare rates between providers using an online car insurance calculator in order to select an ideal policy at an ideal price point – saving both time and money long term, especially as car insurance premiums continue their rise nationwide.