Car Insurance Calculator – How to Find Cheap Louisiana Car Insurance

Louisiana drivers need car insurance to protect themselves and other motorists on the road, but finding coverage that meets your individual needs can be difficult. A good independent agent can assist with this task by providing information regarding property damage, liability and rideshare (for Uber/Lyft drivers) coverage as well as car rental reimbursement reimbursement options and rideshare policies (to cover yourself as you drive for Uber/Lyft), rental reimbursement deductibles discounts etc that help make smart decisions about car ownership and use.

WalletHub research shows that the average Louisiana car insurance rate is currently $98 per month for full coverage with collision and comprehensive. But this may not accurately reflect what rates you pay; your rate can depend on factors like age, driving record and type of vehicle ownership as well as ZIP code minimum insurance requirements that might impact it.

Aged drivers tend to pay less for car insurance than younger ones due to their greater experience, as more novice young drivers are prone to accidents and should therefore be added onto their parent’s policies rather than purchasing separate policies themselves.

Driver credit scores are another essential consideration. A positive one can save money, while poor ones can increase premiums up to 55% as insurance companies view these individuals as higher risks and are therefore more likely to file claims against them.

Your car’s make and model also has an effect on its cost of insurance, as sports and luxury vehicles tend to be more costly to repair and more prone to theft than standard sedans and SUVs. Furthermore, crime rates in specific areas can have an effect on premiums for car coverage there.

Comparing multiple quotes is key to finding the most cost-effective car insurance deal in Louisiana. Our free tool helps estimate how much coverage will cost depending on factors like coverage level chosen, driving history and more. Plus it lets you easily compare rates from various providers so that you know who offers Louisiana residents the cheapest coverage options.

At its core, Louisiana car insurance should meet your unique needs while fitting within your budget. Therefore, it’s essential that you spend some time exploring all available coverage options with an independent agent and take time to understand all options carefully before making a decision.

Louisiana boasts some of the cheapest insurers available. In terms of liability-only car insurance rates, GEICO provides the cheapest option while Safeway and State Farm offer full coverage at competitive rates. To see which providers may be suitable for you based on your unique circumstances, take a look at our rankings of best car insurance for teens, men, women, city drivers and more as well as our list of cheapest car insurance companies by state to identify which firms will give you maximum value for your dollar.