Car Insurance Calculator – How to Find the Cheapest Rates in Mississippi

What Is the Average Car Insurance Rate in Mississippi? Mississippi drivers generally pay less than the national average for full coverage car insurance but more than average when purchasing minimum coverage policies. Jackson stands out with rates almost 9 percent higher than statewide average at an annual premium of $1,938 – that may increase significantly depending on whether speeding tickets or at-fault accidents have arisen, although finding more cost-effective coverage with clean driving records (even with some minor violations on record) should still be possible – you can receive personalized quotes from top rated carriers within 3 minutes by answering a few simple questions!

Progressive, Direct Auto and State Farm are among the cheapest car insurers in Mississippi. Their sample rates offer lower sample rates for drivers with clean records and standard credit, and overall lower costs even when dealing with speeding tickets, at-fault accidents or DUIs. Progressive also provides Snapshot to monitor driving behavior to promote safe habits – saving drivers up to 30% in premium costs by encouraging safe habits!

Bankrate’s research indicates that many factors influence how much car insurance you will pay, including your ZIP code and coverage level. Drivers in rural areas typically experience lower premiums compared to metropolitan ones; additionally, type of vehicle drives also factor – drivers with SUVs typically incur greater insurance costs than those driving sedans.

Age and gender also influence the cost of car insurance in Mississippi, with men typically paying more than women for coverage while teenagers often incur the highest premiums of any age group. Thankfully, though, as you grow older your rates start to reduce and in most cases it becomes easier to secure affordable policies when approaching fifty or beyond.

Comprehensive and collision coverage should be added onto your liability minimums depending on the value and risk tolerance of your vehicle. With the ValChoice Car Insurance Calculator, it can help you quickly estimate how much such additional coverages would cost in relation to your own specific vehicle and situation.

Mississippi drivers who cannot afford private car insurance may qualify for coverage through the Motor Vehicle Safety Assistance program, which offers low-cost or no-cost policies at qualifying applicants. You can learn more by visiting the Mississippi Department of Public Safety’s Motor Vehicle Safety Assistance page; additionally, NerdWallet’s guide on car insurance requirements by state provides additional details regarding coverage requirements in Mississippi as well as ways to reduce premium costs.