Connecticut Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance is mandatory in Connecticut, yet costs vary widely between insurers. To gain a clear picture of your rates, compare quotes using tools such as this page’s calculator which estimates your potential auto insurance costs based on details such as location and year make and model of vehicle; driving history and amount of coverage chosen (minimum requirements include bodily injury liability liability property damage liability uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage; however depending on severity of an incident you may wish to consider additional coverages such as collision and comprehensive).

Our Connecticut car insurance calculator can give an estimated estimate of your policy’s costs, but for optimal results it is always wise to shop around and find the cheapest rates possible in order to avoid overpaying for something that doesn’t meet your needs.

One of the key considerations when purchasing car insurance are your lifestyle and driving habits. If you typically drive your sports car on major highways and interstates, or in densely populated areas such as dense urban centers, increasing coverage limits may be necessary. Be honest about your driving record – more tickets or accidents mean higher premiums!

Your credit score is also an essential consideration in finding the most affordable insurance policies. Insurers use your credit score as a measurement of how responsible you are and a high credit score can reduce rates significantly. Furthermore, owning an expensive car will also have an effect on rates as insurers consider them more prone to damage and theft so will charge extra due to this increased risk.

Finally, take into account your annual mileage. In general, driving less will result in lower premiums; however if you find yourself covering longer distances on a regular basis this could increase rates accordingly – in which case speak with your agent about ways of decreasing this figure if this becomes an issue for you.

Connecticut is a small state, so car insurance rates can differ considerably between cities. To give an idea of these variations in coverage across Connecticut, Bankrate collected quotes from some of its most populous cities – see Table below for the average car insurance rate per driver in each one.