Delaware Car Insurance Calculator

Delaware Car Insurance Calculator

As you likely already know, many factors play a part in determining your car insurance rate in Delaware. Beyond your driving history and credit score, age and marital status all play a part; your vehicle type, mileage driven and location all have an effect on how much your Delaware auto policy costs.

Delaware insurance rates depend heavily on your driving record. Drivers with more at-fault accidents, DUIs or other moving violations tend to pay more. On the positive side of things though, if you can manage to keep your record clean over time you should find your rates decrease as a result.

Young drivers are typically considered high-risk individuals by most insurance companies due to their inexperience behind the wheel and more likely participation in riskier behaviors while driving. Because of this, teen drivers typically pay more for car insurance in Delaware than older adults – MoneyGeek estimates adding a teen driver could increase your premiums by as much as 2.2x!

Selecting a car with an improved safety rating could save money on insurance rates. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicles with higher crash test scores and security features are less likely to be involved in serious accidents; you can find information regarding crash test ratings for every model car on its website.

Location can also have a profound effect on car insurance rates in Delaware, as certain areas boast higher crime and traffic levels than others. For example, those living in Newark will likely face higher premiums compared to residents in Dover or Wilmington.

Delaware requires its drivers to maintain minimum car insurance requirements of $25,000 of bodily injury liability per person and up to $50,000 total per accident for bodily injury coverage and $10k property damage liability coverage, although many opt for additional comprehensive and collision coverage in case their vehicle is damaged in an unexpected event.

There may be cheap auto insurance policies available in Delaware, but they often come with strings attached. For instance, some policies only offer lower premium rates if your premium payment is made upfront, or if your vehicle fits a specific type. Therefore, we highly suggest using ValChoice – our free online tool which compares car insurance costs and features from top-rated providers – in order to compare car insurance costs accurately and make informed decisions.

State Farm and GEICO are among the top car insurers in Delaware, providing competitive rates and an expansive selection of coverage options suitable for virtually all drivers. USAA stands out as being particularly reliable with veterans and active military alike often receiving some of the lowest rates. Receiving quotes from these top providers is easy – simply answer some simple questions online to receive tailored quotes in minutes!