Florida Car Insurance Calculator

Florida Car Insurance Calculator

Floridians pay more for car insurance than the national average; however, you may still find cheap rates by comparing quotes from top companies like Geico, State Farm and Travelers that have outstanding reputations, customer ratings and competitive pricing strategies.

A key element that determines your car insurance rate is the type of coverage you select. Florida law mandates drivers have at least liability coverage; however, some may prefer full coverage which includes collision and comprehensive policies at higher costs but provides better protection in case of an accident. It is advised to compare costs before making your decision on whether they are worth spending extra money.

Age and gender should also be taken into consideration. Younger male drivers typically pay more for insurance due to having less driving experience and being at greater risk for accidents than their counterparts who are older drivers.

Many states use driver data to evaluate risk, factoring it into premiums for drivers of various ages and experience levels. Adding a 16 or 17-year-old teen driver typically increases premiums by 30 percent due to their increased likelihood of engaging in unsafe behaviors behind the wheel and leading to costly car accidents.

Not only can the year and make of your vehicle affect car insurance rates, but so too does its age and depreciation value. Older cars tend to cost less to insure than newer ones due to having already lost value; on the other hand, newer models typically carry much higher replacement costs in case of collision.

Location can also have an effect on your car insurance rate, since accidents and crime rates vary based on where you reside. As such, living in larger cities such as Tampa or Miami often costs more than in smaller towns like Gainesville or Ocala.

Your driving record also plays a critical role in your Florida car insurance premiums, with tickets or violations quickly leading to an increase in premiums; maintaining a good record can save money and may qualify you for discounts with some insurers who provide discounts for drivers who take defensive driving courses and participate in driver training programs. In order to improve your record further, take defensive driving courses or enroll in driver’s training programs such as DriverSim – both can help build up a strong record and save you money! Additionally, many insurers provide discounts for drivers who take these courses as part of purchasing new cars while driving safely while paying their full car insurance policies every month – check with your agent on this!

MoneyGeek recently conducted a comprehensive review of Florida car insurers and discovered that State Farm and Geico were both among the least costly. Both boast high customer ratings and affordable rates, plus their online quote processes are easy to use – you could receive your personalized quote within minutes!