GEICO’s Car Insurance Calculator Can Help You Estimate the Cost of Your Policy

Iowa law mandates car insurance coverage in order to legally drive. Aside from satisfying minimum liability coverage requirements, drivers should also carry uninsured/underinsured motorist protection in case they get into an accident with someone without enough coverage – an estimate can be provided through GEICO’s Car Insurance Calculator which gives a more accurate idea of budgetary considerations for your policy costs each year.

Iowa auto insurance rates depend on many variables. These include factors like driving history, age, gender and vehicle type; as well as where they live due to differing driving risks or costs of living. Drivers with clean records usually pay lower auto insurance premiums.

If you have been charged with driving offenses such as DUI or reckless driving, your auto insurance premiums will skyrocket compared to drivers without such convictions on their record. According to WalletHub research, even one DUI conviction increases annual premium costs by 19 percent!

When an at-fault accident appears on your driving record, your premium will likely increase substantially. If this has happened to you, compare quotes from multiple providers until you find a policy that meets both state requirements and your budget constraints.

Age can also play a significant role in your Iowa car insurance costs. Younger drivers tend to be more expensive as they lack experience on the roads and run an increased risk of accidents, but their premiums can often be kept down by staying on their parents’ policy as long as possible; when they do need their own policy it usually costs them more than those aged 30 or over.

Your city of residence will also play an impactful role on your auto insurance rates, due to different driving risks and accident statistics in each region which will influence claim costs and determine your rates.

Iowa does not mandate uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, however your insurance provider is obliged to offer it alongside mandatory minimum liability coverage. You are free to decline it if desired; however it would be prudent to consider its risks, as having this could provide protection if an uninsured or underinsured motorist injures you.

Understanding what factors go into calculating your car insurance rate is key to choosing the appropriate coverage. MoneyGeek’s free Car Insurance Calculator will allow you to quickly estimate how much your ideal plan will cost; additionally, read up on some key elements of car insurance in our article: “Why Are Car Insurance Premiums So Expensive?”