Georgia Car Insurance Calculator

Georgia Car Insurance Calculator

Georgia Car Insurance Calculator

To drive legally on public roads in Georgia, drivers are required to possess at least liability coverage. Some drivers opt to add comprehensive and collision policies as extra protection measures; additional uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as well as gap insurance may also provide added peace of mind in certain circumstances. Although additional policies aren’t legally mandated in Georgia, they could prove invaluable depending on your unique situation.

Age and driving record are two primary influences on Georgia car insurance rates, with younger drivers typically paying the most due to lack of experience and higher accident risk statistics. It may therefore be cost-effective for young drivers to remain under their parents’ policy for as long as possible.

Young drivers tend to receive traffic tickets and be involved in at-fault accidents more frequently, which raises their risk profile and premium costs significantly after any at-fault accidents or multiple tickets are received; it’s therefore imperative that young drivers maintain a clean driving record to prevent rate hikes.

Immediately notify your insurer if you find yourself involved in an at-fault accident – otherwise your premium could increase by as much as 25-25%! Furthermore, Georgia law mandates proof of coverage within 30 days or face license suspension and fines up to $200.

Insurers take many factors into account when setting Georgia car insurance rates, including your credit history, previous accidents and violations. DUIs and speeding tickets tend to drive rates up significantly; depending on which offense was committed your rates could rise by as much as 92%!

Your car’s make and model also has an effect on Georgia car insurance rates. Luxury or sports cars tend to cost more than lesser models to repair; therefore their premium will likely increase accordingly. Vehicles equipped with safety features such as airbags or antilock brakes could even reduce premiums further.

Nationwide, Farmers, and State Farm are some of the top Georgia car insurance providers with competitive rates; however not all insurers offer the same discounts or incentives; to find your ideal rate in Georgia compare quotes from multiple providers before making your choice.