Georgia Car Insurance Calculator – What Factors Affect the Cost of Car Insurance in Georgia?

Car insurance is required in Georgia, and its cost depends on various factors, including your age, gender, driving record and credit history as well as type of car you drive and level of coverage desired. Insurance companies consider all these variables when setting rates – as can your location – which all play a part. Additionally, your state and city of residence could have an effectful effect on how much car insurance costs.

Insurance providers use several key personal rating factors when calculating your rate, with several being particularly influential:

Age: Younger drivers under 25 tend to incur higher insurance rates due to their increased likelihood of accidents. If you can demonstrate responsible driving practices and keep a clean driving record as you age, your premiums will become more reasonable over time.

Gender: Female drivers in Georgia often pay lower car insurance premiums than their male counterparts due to being safer drivers and filing fewer accident claims. However, this trend doesn’t hold across all providers; some insurers such as GEICO and Allstate may charge women more than other policies like State Farm and Auto-Owners do.

Driving Record: Your driving history and number of tickets you have received are among the main factors determining your car insurance premium in Georgia. These variables can determine your likelihood of an accident occurring as well as its severity if one does occur, making having a clean driving record paramount, but other ways can also lower rates such as improving credit or decreasing coverage amounts.

An arrest for DUI/DWI will significantly raise your car insurance premium in Georgia, as insurance companies consider the risk you pose to their business and may factor in whether or not you become a high-risk customer in the future. Some insurers may provide better rates after such convictions than others – our MoneyGeek analysis showed Auto-Owners offers discounted coverage, with annual premiums 43% less than state averages for drivers with DUI convictions.

Finding affordable car insurance in Georgia requires shopping around for the cheapest rates possible. Don’t overlook local providers, who may provide more competitive pricing than national competitors. Erie Insurance and Alfa Insurance may provide lower quotes than State Farm or Geico, so it’s a good idea to research all available options when searching for coverage at lower costs, such as lowering coverage limits or raising deductibles. While it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest solution, make sure that it meets all state minimum requirements; then compare their offerings side-by-side for optimal savings.