Hawaii Car Insurance Calculator

MoneyGeek understands that car insurance premiums in Hawaii can be costly, so we have studied all of the major factors affecting rates to assist drivers from overpaying. Our car insurance calculator gives you a personalized estimate and lets you compare quotes from top insurers in an average of 10 to 15 minutes based on your driving record, policy coverage selections and whether or not teen drivers are added to your policy.

Hawaii car insurance is generally less costly than the national average, although rates can differ significantly among cities and regions within the state. Our research revealed that drivers with higher-risk profiles can pay nearly double for their premiums in some parts of Hawaii. Furthermore, we compared some of Hawaii’s most and least costly insurers in order to find those best suited to them.

Geico is the state’s premier auto insurer, offering affordable coverage with exceptional customer service. Our analysis revealed that young drivers could obtain more cost-effective full coverage with Geico than other providers; their rates also remain reasonable after speeding tickets are issued as well as being less likely to increase rates after an at-fault accident occurs than with other insurers.

Hawaii drivers must maintain at least $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage and $10,000 property damage liability as well as personal injury protection (PIP), which serves as no-fault insurance to cover medical costs regardless of who caused an accident. It can also protect drivers in case they encounter uninsured or underinsured drivers that do not carry enough coverage to cover damages sustained from an accident.

Age is often the main determining factor when it comes to car insurance premiums in Hawaii. Because younger drivers are more prone to accidents, their premiums tend to be higher. Teen drivers may be able to save by being added onto one of their parents’ policies; our analysis determined that adding them would result in either $1309 or $109 monthly premiums in Hawaii when added onto a 40-year old married parent policy respectively.

Hawaii car insurance prices differ depending on where you reside, but our research revealed that Ainaloa had the most expensive annual rate at $168 per month while Anahola offered lower monthly premiums at around $136. However, these differences did not appear to be substantial when it came to car insurance costs.

MoneyGeek’s car insurance calculator gives you a personalized estimate of your estimated premium in under 15 minutes, while also letting you compare quotes from top insurers. In addition to that, we analyzed major factors influencing premiums to give a clearer idea of how individual circumstances will influence car insurance premiums; additionally our experts have reviewed and rated Hawaii’s top car insurers based on affordability and service quality.