Hawaii Car Insurance Calculator – What Factors Affect Your Rates?

Hawaii is a picturesque state with breathtaking beaches and scenic roadways, but driving on them can be hazardous, particularly with poor quality tires or other maintenance issues. To protect yourself from financial ruin and ensure peak condition for your vehicle, Hawaii requires drivers to carry minimum liability coverage and personal injury protection limits; but you may wish to increase these for greater financial security and peace of mind while on the road.

Hawaii boasts a lower-than-average rate of car accidents and insurance claims, helping keep premiums low. But several factors impact car insurance rates here – most significantly age, driving history, location and type of vehicle you drive.

Age: Younger drivers often pay more for car insurance in Hawaii due to their inexperience behind the wheel and statistically higher likelihood of an accident. Indeed, adding a teenage driver can increase your rates up to 1.7x!

Maintain a Clean Driving Record: In Hawaii, maintaining a good driving record is one of the key components in determining car insurance premiums; many insurers provide discounts to drivers with clean records. While DUI or traffic offenses will increase rates significantly, you can improve your record by attending defensive driving courses or paying any outstanding tickets that have accrued.

Location: Your area’s accident and theft rates can have a dramatic effect on the car insurance rates in Hawaii, which explains why premiums vary between cities and zip codes. You can reduce variance by living in safe neighborhoods and refraining from engaging in risky behaviors like distracted driving and speeding.

Make and Model of Car: Your car’s make and model can have an enormous effect on its premiums in Hawaii. Luxury vehicles tend to incur higher rates due to costly parts that need replacement more frequently; on the other hand, models with superior crash test ratings or advanced safety features could save money in premium payments.

Hawaii’s laws restrict which factors insurance companies can consider when setting rates, making it easier for you to find affordable coverage. Use Bankrate’s free tool to estimate car insurance rates and see how different variables will impact the cost. Plus, compare policies by rating factor so you can narrow down your choices until finding one that fits within your budget.