Hawaii Car Insurance Calculator – What Factors Affect Your Rates?

Hawaii car insurance premiums averaged an annual average rate of $1,306 annually in 2017. This was lower than the national average of $1,682, though rates can still differ widely depending on personal factors and coverage type – most significantly location, driving record and amount purchased – as well as specific state rating factors that impact premiums.

Hawaii’s high population density and susceptibility to natural disasters all play a part in car insurance rates, so it is wise to compare them before purchasing your policy. Large cities tend to command higher premiums due to increased driving activity in these urban environments – increasing risk of accident or theft in these larger cities than elsewhere in Hawaii.

Your driving record is one of the key determinants in setting car insurance rates. Even one speeding ticket or at-fault accident could significantly increase premiums; an alcohol related offense such as DUI could raise them threefold! That is why it is vitally important that drivers maintain clean records.

Your car’s make and model can also have an impact on its cost of insurance. Luxury models generally command higher premiums due to being more costly to repair and often being stolen more frequently; on the other hand, standard vehicles with excellent crash test ratings and advanced safety features may have lower premiums.

Not only can your driving record and type of car impact your rates, but your age, gender and marital status also have an effect. Young drivers typically pay higher premiums as they’re seen as greater risks; however Hawaii prohibits age discrimination and allows teens to remain on their parents’ policies until age 25.

Consider whether or not comprehensive and collision coverage are worth adding to your policy. While they offer extra protection, their inclusion will likely result in significantly higher premiums; opting out could save thousands annually!

Though these factors are among the key influences on Hawaii car insurance rates, it is best to shop around. Each insurer uses its own formula for setting rates; you could find one company offers much lower premiums for similar coverage than another company. Furthermore, MoneyGeek has created a list of Hawaii’s top car insurers based on both affordability and service quality – by answering some quick questions, MoneyGeek allows you to obtain personalized quotes quickly from top carriers so you can find an appropriate policy quickly.