How a Car Insurance Calculator Can Help You Find Cheap Car Insurance in Colorado

Colorado car insurance premiums average about $162 monthly, which is 6% higher than the national average. Our car insurance calculator can give an accurate estimation of how much coverage might cost in your area based on factors like your age, driving history and credit score – then compare different insurers to find the best deal.

Your premium will likely increase if your driving history is poor; in Colorado for instance, drivers with at least one at-fault accident can see their rates jump by 40 percent on average; similarly speeding tickets and DUI convictions can have similar impacts.

Our car insurance calculator helps you estimate how much it may cost for policies with various coverage options and allows you to compare prices from multiple providers based on factors like driving record and other criteria. Furthermore, you can view minimum coverage requirements in Colorado as well as add extras such as comprehensive and collision coverage to your policy.

Colorado state minimum liability requirements include $100,000 of bodily injury liability per person and $300,000 property damage liability per accident; plus uninsured motorist coverage of $50,000 per incident. Although comprehensive and collision policies provide extra protection – usually covering repair costs less a deductible – leasing or financing may not require them as standard coverage options.

People who own older vehicles typically pay lower insurance premiums compared to drivers of newer models, since it costs more to repair or replace a newly built car in an accident.

Another factor influencing your rate is how much time you spend driving. If you tend to cover long distances on a regular basis, opting for higher mileage limits could prove more beneficial in case an accident does occur – lessening any potential severe damages to your vehicle in case it hits something on the road.

Drivers with excellent records can benefit from affordable car insurance in Colorado. However, even those who have received multiple speeding tickets or been involved in at-fault accidents still can find affordable coverage; many top auto insurers such as USAA, State Farm and The Hartford offer competitive rates.

Your location and vehicle make/model are also factors in Colorado that have an effect on its rate. In general, larger and more powerful cars tend to incur more costs when it comes time to repair or replace damaged parts.

Most states allow insurance providers to consider your credit history when calculating premiums; Colorado specifically considers your credit tier when doing this calculation. People with better credit tend to file claims less often and therefore pay lower car insurance premiums than those with poorer scores.