How a Car Insurance Calculator Can Help You Find the Best Rates in Hawaii

Hawaii Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance rates in Hawaii have remained steady over recent years and still offer annual premiums below national averages.

Additionally to your driving record and coverage level, the make and model of your vehicle also has an effect on your premiums. Luxury models tend to carry higher premiums due to increased repair or replacement costs for these cars; conversely, those equipped with advanced safety features have lower premiums than their counterparts without such features.

Another factor affecting car insurance rates is driving violations on your record. Even one speeding ticket in some states may raise annual rates significantly; and in the event of a DUI offense, your policy could even be cancelled altogether – in this case, it is imperative that you find another provider as soon as possible.

Bundling car and home policies together is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to lower premiums, often up to 25% less if your credit history is clean and no accidents or violations have taken place.

Hawaii drivers who opt for full coverage typically pay an estimated annual premium of around $1,765; this includes state minimum liability requirements as well as collision and comprehensive policies to cover repairs to their car if stolen or damaged by adverse weather.

Full coverage policies tend to cost significantly more than state minimum liability policies; however, they offer greater protection in case of major accidents. If your car’s worth falls below your maximum payout amount on the policy however, it might be worthwhile dropping extra coverage altogether.

When financing or leasing your vehicle, your financial leasing company may require that you have additional coverage beyond state minimum requirements. This is because they have an interest in protecting their investment – car lease insurance policies often have higher minimum coverage requirements than state mandated minimums.

Hawaii doesn’t permit insurance providers to consider age, gender or marital status when setting your rates; but you can still save by shopping around for the right policy. Bankrate’s free tool makes this easy by quickly providing quotes from top providers within minutes – simply answer some of the following questions to receive customized rates in your state!