How a Car Insurance Calculator Can Help You Get the Best Rates

Montana car insurance calculators are helpful tools that enable drivers to estimate their rates based on personal factors such as age, vehicle make/model and location. Though these factors don’t completely determine car insurance premiums annually, they still play a big part. Montanans should compare quotes from multiple insurers before making their final choice of policy.

Montana car insurance prices are affected largely by factors related to driver age. Younger drivers, as they have less driving experience and tend to get into accidents more easily, tend to cost much more for car insurance than their adult counterparts; as drivers age and gain more driving experience their costs often decrease – typically those aged 30-60 pay the lowest car insurance rates on average in Montana.

One key factor affecting Montana car insurance rates is coverage selection. Liability-only policies offer an economical option that covers only damage to other vehicles and their passengers; full coverage usually costs more, as it includes collision and comprehensive protection that protects against accidents or theft of one’s own car; on average, Montanans who opt for full coverage usually spend about $2,193 annually for policies with 100/300/100 limits.

Montana car insurers also take into account drivers’ credit scores when setting Montana auto insurance rates. People with good credit tend to receive lower rates because they pose less of a risk in filing future claims compared with people who have poor credit.

Driving history also plays a significant role in Montana car insurance rates. A driver with a clean driving record typically gets lower premiums while multiple traffic violations or accidents can significantly raise prices at renewal time – often up to 19% more! Therefore, it is imperative to shop around for the best auto insurance rate, and keep your driving history free from violations in order to reduce unnecessary fees by keeping it clean.

Married drivers typically pay lower car insurance premiums than single people due to insurers viewing married couples as more financially secure. Furthermore, some companies provide discounts for multi-vehicle and bundle policies which further bring down Montana car insurance rates. At Root, we don’t insure high risk drivers allowing customers to save up to $900 annually with fair and simple car coverage.