How a Car Insurance Calculator Can Lower Your Rates

Car insurance premiums in Tennessee may seem expensive, but you can reduce them by selecting coverage tailored to your needs and comparing quotes from multiple providers. Smart choices regarding coverage, driving history and car model can also help bring down rates.

Use an online car insurance calculator to get an accurate idea of your Tennessee car insurance rates. A calculator will help you determine the level of coverage necessary to protect your assets while meeting state minimum requirements, then compare quotes from top insurers to find the most competitive deals available in Tennessee car insurance.

Tennessee car insurance premiums depend on a range of factors, from your vehicle and driver profile to policy details and driving records and credit scores. Furthermore, riskier driving habits could jack up costs more than others for similar coverage policies.

One of the primary determinants of your Tennessee car insurance rate is how much liability coverage you choose to carry. While state minimum requirements require drivers to purchase bodily injury and property damage liability coverage, you can choose to increase these limits for increased protection. Some Tennessee drivers also opt to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage that covers damage done to their own vehicle.

Age plays a large part in your Tennessee car insurance rate, with 16- and 25-year-old drivers paying higher premiums than older drivers. Furthermore, your vehicle’s value and type will also play an impactful role; luxury sports cars tend to cost more to insure than compact SUVs for example. Finally, driving history plays an integral part in setting rates; infractions will increase significantly.

If you want to keep your rates at an all-time low, add an authorized driver with excellent credit as a strategy to do just that. Doing this may reduce rates significantly while offering Tennessee teens who cannot afford their own coverage the option for coverage at reduced costs.

Tennessee statistics reveal that 24% of drivers lack at least minimum liability car insurance; these uninsured motorists cost other insured drivers much money in higher premiums due to them. You can protect yourself from uninsured drivers by purchasing medical payments and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to cover any accidents you cause yourself.

If you’re shopping around for cheap Tennessee car insurance policies, Nationwide ($479 per six-month policy), State Farm ($473 per six-month policy) and Auto-Owners ($485) offer some fantastic rates. In addition, GEICO, Farmers and USAA all provide competitive rates as well. Our car insurance calculator allows you to easily search the best companies offering rates in Tennessee as well as compare deductible and coverage levels in order to find the cheapest policy possible in your area.