How MoneyGeek’s Car Insurance Calculator Can Help You Find the Best Rates

MoneyGeek’s Maryland Car Insurance Calculator helps drivers get an estimate of how much coverage is necessary based on location and factors like driving record and vehicle type.

Maryland car insurance rates depend primarily on driver history. A DUI, speeding ticket or at-fault accident will cause premiums to skyrocket up to 81% more expensive than with a clean driving record. Furthermore, poor credit histories may impact premiums 14 percent – although Maryland is one of few states which does not use credit as a rating factor for auto policies.

Other key considerations include your car, age and location. Young drivers typically pay higher car insurance premiums due to being inexperienced drivers with increased risks of an accident.

As you age and improve your driving history, your rates should naturally reduce – in fact many insurers offer senior discounts that help keep costs under control.

Location and ZIP code also play a vital role when it comes to car insurance rates in Maryland, with certain areas presenting greater or reduced risks based on crime rate, traffic congestion and car theft rates. Drivers in high-risk neighborhoods will generally have to pay higher premiums than their counterparts living in lower risk neighborhoods.

Your type of vehicle also plays a factor in your Maryland car insurance rates. Luxury cars may cost two or even four times more to insure than mid-range sedans; similarly, SUVs could cost four times as much.

Your vehicle’s value also has an effect on its insurance rate, with insurers taking into account how much it would cost to repair or replace your car if involved in an accident or stolen. Older cars tend to cost less due to quicker depreciation.

Your coverage level will also have an effect on Maryland car insurance rates. Liability-only policies tend to be the more cost-effective solution, while full coverage policies with 100/300/100 limits are typically more costly.

Gender can also play an influential role in your Maryland car insurance rates. Men tend to pay lower premiums than female drivers across insurers; however, this does not hold true across every single provider.