How NerdWallet’s Car Insurance Calculator Determines Your Rates

Utah state law mandates car insurance, but the type and amount of coverage you select will have an effect on your rates. NerdWallet’s Utah Car Insurance Calculator helps determine these rates based on factors like location and make/model year of vehicle; also providing advice on selecting type/limit combination suitable to individual needs to make sure policy fits needs adequately. Failing to do so could cost a great deal so before making your final decision it would be prudent to compare quotes from various insurers before making a final decision.

How much car insurance do I need in Utah? Determining your Utah car insurance rates depends on multiple factors, including the type of coverage and credit score that you select. Liability-only is generally the cheapest choice, while for added peace of mind on the road full coverage with collision and comprehensive protection may be more suitable; value of your vehicle plays a key factor here too.

Driver age and gender also play a significant role in determining car insurance premiums in Utah. Teenagers and young adults tend to pay more due to a lack of driving experience and increased accident risks. After an incident occurs, insurers typically increase rates by 15%; though not all raise them equally.

Marriage status can also have an effect on car insurance rates. On average, married drivers tend to pay less for their policies compared with single drivers; however, some insurers offer multi-car discounts that could help families save even more.

Citations and tickets will have a major effect on your car insurance premiums in Utah. A speeding ticket typically results in premium increases of 17%; however, other violations such as at-fault accidents or violations could incur rate hikes depending on insurer policies and local regulations.

Utah is a no-fault state, meaning your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage will cover medical costs regardless of who was found responsible for an accident. For your own financial security and peace of mind, however, additional coverage options like property damage liability might be worth exploring; see table below for approximate prices for various levels of car insurance in Utah.