How the Car Insurance Calculator Can Help You Get the Best Rates

Many factors can contribute to Oregon car insurance rates. Your age and location are two key considerations, while insurers also take your driving history, credit score and marital status into account when setting rates.

Driving safely can often translate to lower premiums. Oregon insurers consider drivers with clean driving records as reliable risks, while drivers who have had accidents or been ticketed for driving violations tend to pay higher premiums.

Your car makes an impactful statement about you and can have an effectful influence on your rates. Luxury models tend to cost more to repair, leading to higher insurance premiums; on the other hand, SUVs tend to be less susceptible to theft so insurance costs tend to be reduced accordingly.

Make savings on auto insurance by selecting appropriate coverage levels and deductibles. Liability-only policies often cost less than comprehensive coverage with higher deductibles.

Full coverage policies tend to be more expensive than liability-only ones, yet provide greater protection in case of an accident. They typically exceed minimum requirements for bodily injury, property damage and uninsured motorist coverage.

Young Drivers Are More Affordable Drivers under 25 in Oregon enjoy some of the lowest insurance premiums. In fact, they pay an average monthly cost of just around $129. This compares with an annual premium costing an adult driver around $1,544.

Insurance providers offer various discount programs for qualifying individuals. These discounts could range from an education discount or safety feature discounts on a vehicle – potentially saving both on your rates and overall policy costs.

Married Drivers Have Low Rates

A married driver in Oregon generally pays around five percent less for car insurance than single drivers; State Farm offers the cheapest policy to married drivers.

If you are married and driving a vehicle in Oregon, shopping around for the most competitive insurance rates should be top of mind. Companies like Nationwide, American Family and Farmers offer discounts to drivers who are married.

An Oregon car insurance rate increases can be devastatingly affected by getting a DUI, which is considered an offense with serious driving violations that typically leads to increased costs by an average of 65%. Furthermore, getting an SR-22 policy could increase costs even further.

Oregon car insurance rates can also be decreased by taking a defensive driving course or increasing your deductible, both of which can significantly lower monthly premiums.

Geico offers Oregon drivers without citations the lowest auto insurance premiums at approximately $112 monthly; 39% lower than the state average rate.

An Oregon driver with impeccable driving habits and no traffic citations can save around 20% on their rates by following traffic school courses or enrolling in driver safety classes. Many insurance providers will offer discounts if these requirements are fulfilled.