How the Car Insurance Calculator Works

Numerous factors determine your car insurance premiums in Mississippi, such as where you reside, the make and model of your car and driving record. Gaining more knowledge about these calculations will enable you to negotiate better and find a great deal without cutting coverage corners.

Mississippi residents tend to pay less for car insurance due to its lower population density and rate of auto theft, although additional factors could influence your rates such as adding drivers or purchasing more costly cars; adding or dropping drivers; getting into multiple accidents/tickets etc… The cheapest car insurance can typically be found among drivers of older vehicles as their repairs typically have lower repair bills; in comparison young drivers typically incur higher premiums as insurers consider them higher risk.

Mississippi drivers looking for cheap car insurance typically opt for liability only policies, averaging $1247 annually or approximately $104 bimonthly. Liability coverage is required by Mississippi state law as minimum coverage to compensate others harmed in an accident that you caused, so ideally at least $100,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person and $300,000. Also consider buying additional uninsured motorist coverage just in case an uninsured driver causes an incident with you.

Full coverage car insurance in Mississippi costs more than just liability alone; however, it is well worth the additional expense in order to protect yourself and your loved ones should you become involved in an accident. On average, comprehensive and collision coverage typically costs $1549 annually which works out to $399 every six months or $42 monthly depending on the value of your car.

When evaluating Mississippi car insurance companies, it’s essential to review their financial stability ratings with agencies such as Standard and Poor’s or AM Best in order to ensure they can pay claims quickly and pay any discounts you qualify for. Additionally, don’t forget discounts you could qualify for. These discounts may include good driving discounts, safe driving discounts and loyalty rewards. Furthermore, it is wise to shop around to find the cheapest auto insurance policy possible in Mississippi; Progressive offers drivers who switch and save up to an average savings of $750! Use the ValChoice Car Insurance Calculator to estimate how much money you could save on Mississippi car insurance by comparing quotes from top providers. Simply enter your zip code and personal data; we’ll show you a list of top providers as well as full and minimum coverage amounts in your area.