How the Car Insurance Calculator Works

Choose the type and coverage limits of car insurance policy you need can have a major effect on Missouri auto insurance premiums, as does choosing how much of a deductible to pay when filing claims. Aside from these considerations, other variables also go into calculating premiums – like where you live and how often you drive. To help you find an affordable policy we have broken down what goes into calculating Missouri car insurance premiums according to state rules and research.

Insurance providers take many factors into consideration when setting your Missouri car insurance rates, with three of the most critical being your age, place of residence and credit score. Young drivers are considered high-risk due to inexperience and tend to get into more accidents than more experienced older drivers; adding one as a named driver on Missouri car insurance could increase rates up to 2.9x on average.

Credit is another critical element when assessing auto insurance premiums; insurance companies believe those with poor credit are more likely to have difficulty making payments and consequently pay up to 50% more in Missouri for full coverage policies than those with excellent credit ratings.

Safety-conscious driving and avoiding traffic tickets are excellent ways to lower Missouri car insurance rates, but you could further lower them by enrolling in defensive driving courses or designating a safe driver as an additional way of saving on premiums. Plus, saving on common forms of coverage could give you breathing room in your budget for extra layers of protection such as uninsured motorist coverage or roadside assistance that could protect against more costly damages.

Insurance premiums vary considerably across cities depending on factors like crime rates and costs of living; thus, it’s essential that you review car insurance quotes from leading insurers in your area to get an idea of their pricing structure.

Missouri requires minimum liability coverage; we strongly suggest adding comprehensive and collision coverages as additional layers of protection for damage incurred outside of an accident, such as severe weather or vandalism. Their costs are relatively minimal compared to their value and comprise only a portion of your annual premium payments.

ValuePenguin analyzed thousands of car insurance quotes across Missouri ZIP codes to provide us with average costs associated with each coverage level. The rates we gathered were for full coverage policies which include comprehensive and collision coverage as well as higher liability limits than required by state minimum requirements. Please remember this data is for informational use only – your individual quote will depend upon factors specific to you including driving history and amount of coverage chosen.