How the Car Insurance Calculator Works

Arizona ranks among the more costly states for car insurance, according to WalletHub’s reports of accident fatality rates and rising repair costs for newer vehicles driving up premiums. You can help keep premiums down by purchasing only minimum requirements in Arizona or adding collision and comprehensive coverage as necessary – increasing deductibles could save money; otherwise you could opt for usage-based policies with lower mileage caps that offer additional savings opportunities.

Other factors that affect car insurance rates include age and gender, driving record, credit score, vehicle type and zip code. Different companies calculate rates differently; some may even impose additional underwriting rules that could shave savings off your premium bill – yet even high-risk drivers can find affordable policies if they compare quotes.

Teen drivers typically pay the highest car insurance rates in Arizona due to being inexperienced and more likely to cause accidents than drivers aged 30-60, but can often save money with discounts like safe driver or being added onto their parents’ policies.

Make, model and year are also key considerations for insurers when setting premiums on vehicles. Luxury vehicles and electric cars may have higher premiums because their repair costs tend to outstrip what their market value. Furthermore, insurers consider your vehicle’s safety features, repair/replace costs and whether or not it’s theft-prone when setting premiums.

Typically, drivers with clean driving records and excellent credit are most likely to enjoy low auto insurance rates in Arizona. On the other hand, those who have poor credit or serious driving violations such as DUI convictions or multiple speeding tickets could face higher premiums; an increase of 35% in your car insurance rates due to DUI conviction or multiple speeding tickets could see your rates spike significantly.

Even if you are considered a high-risk driver, it is still beneficial to shop around for car insurance in Arizona. There are many companies who provide competitive rates for drivers with bad driving records – Jerry Insurance can often save you money!

At its core, finding affordable car insurance in Arizona requires comparing quotes from multiple providers and selecting one that meets both your budget and needs. One easy way of doing this is using our car insurance calculator above – after you enter your information we’ll provide rates from top car insurers in Arizona within minutes and show how much money can be saved by making small modifications to your profile – over time as your driving record remains clean and your credit improves you can expect your rate to decrease even further!