How the Factors Affect Your Tennessee Car Insurance Rates

When it comes to Tennessee car insurance, many factors can have an effect on your premiums. To find a cheap policy, the best approach is obtaining quotes from multiple companies and comparing them side by side. As each provider weighs ratings factors differently, some may offer lower rates for your specific driving profile than another – we have researched average Tennessee rates by driver type and coverage level in order to help you find the best deals!

Tennessee drivers with clean records and credit tend to enjoy lower car insurance premiums than drivers with poor records or credit history, with State Farm, GEICO and Auto-Owners often being among the most cost-effective choices for these drivers. Poor-credit drivers may find more favorable rates with local insurers such as Erie or Alfa or national ones like Allstate AARP Nationwide among others.

DUI can significantly raise Tennessee car insurance premiums. According to MoneyGeek, adding drivers with DUI convictions could raise premiums by an estimated 86%; so avoiding accidents or traffic violations as much as possible in order to keep Tennessee car insurance costs as low as possible is important in keeping rates affordable.

Tennessee law mandates minimum liability coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident; however, these limits may not cover serious damages; so additional types of coverage such as collision and comprehensive might be beneficial.

Choose coverage levels wisely can have an immense effect on your premium costs. A higher deductible can usually reduce monthly rates; however, be mindful of your budget before opting for such plans.

Your Tennessee car insurance premium depends on many variables, including the vehicle you drive, your credit score and coverage selection. To give you an accurate reflection of these influences on your premium, we analyzed data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for Tennessee to create a model to calculate average Tennessee car insurance rates by driver type and level.

Attributes that could increase Tennessee car insurance rates include driver age, gender and location as well as vehicle. Other variables could also have an effect on premiums; these could include driving history records/records/credit histories/marriage statuses affecting premiums etc. To learn more about how these can influence Tennessee car insurance premiums read our article on finding cheap Tennessee auto coverage!

Finding affordable car insurance in Tennessee may not always be simple, but you can still find significant savings and discounts. One effective strategy to find these savings is by receiving multiple quotes from different insurers – doing this could save you hundreds or even thousands on premiums! To do this efficiently and cost-effectively we suggest using our Tennessee Car Insurance Calculator as your starting point and then select the provider who provides the best policy to fit your unique driving profile and budget needs.