How to Calculate Car Insurance Rates

How to Calculate Car Insurance Rates

As you purchase or contemplate purchasing a car, it is essential to understand which factors impact its insurance cost. Auto policies have their own set of regulations that determine their pricing and purchase; understanding these can help reduce expenses down the line.

While every company uses their own formula for determining coverage rates, some factors typically weigh more heavily than others when setting coverage rates. These may include your age, driving record and location. In addition to these general rating factors, some may offer special discount programs which could lower overall policy costs significantly.

Your Driving Record

Your driving history has the most significant effect on your car insurance premiums, with accidents, tickets or DUI convictions dramatically raising costs of coverage significantly. Being charged with certain traffic offenses could even increase them by as much as 50 percent!

Your vehicle plays an essential role in determining the cost of your insurance policy. Insurance companies consider theft and accident rates among various car models when setting general rates for them – for instance sports cars tend to incur higher premiums than family sedans; value and optional coverage options will also have an effect.

Another factor influencing your rate is the deductible you choose for your policy, which determines what portion of each claim must be covered before your insurer pays anything out. A lower deductible typically results in higher premiums while choosing one with a higher amount often leads to lower payments overall.

State laws and regulations also have an impactful influence on car insurance rates. States with higher accident, theft and vandalism rates tend to result in more expensive policies for their drivers.

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