How to Lower Your Rates With a Car Insurance Calculator

Florida Car Insurance Calculator

Florida car insurance costs are determined by several factors, such as your age, driving history and where you live. Our Florida Car Insurance Calculator can quickly give you an estimate of how much it will cost to insure your vehicle.

Younger Drivers Are More Expensive

Teenagers have a higher likelihood of getting in an auto accident than older drivers, thus driving insurance companies to charge them higher premiums for coverage than adults would. Insurance companies view teen drivers as high-risk drivers and charge them more expensive rates than adults would for coverage on an adult policy.

Saving on car insurance in Florida can be done by forgoing unnecessary coverages. Instead of shopping around for extra policies that may not be necessary, focus on getting the minimum required by Florida and then supplement those with additional policies if desired.

It is essential to purchase the appropriate amount of insurance, as this will keep your premiums low and protect you in case major financial losses arise should an accident occur to your car. Furthermore, look out for discounts which could further reduce costs.

A Better Credit Score Can Lower Your Rates

Your credit score plays a significant role in determining your car insurance rates. Drivers with poor credit, such as those below 577, tend to pay much more for coverage than those with excellent records; on average in Florida alone, drivers with bad credit pay $2,533 more annually than those with excellent records.

Improve Your Driving Record

Clean up your driving record, especially if there have been recent violations on it, to reduce insurance rates. For instance, having multiple speeding tickets can raise premiums up to 25 percent. Moreover, having a clean record qualifies you for special discounts such as defensive driver training or good student recognition.

Another strategy for getting cheaper car insurance is to forgo full coverage and purchase liability-only at the state’s minimum levels. Liability-only coverage in Florida can be purchased for a relatively low annual rate, saving you up to $1,749 annually compared to full coverage with identical liability limits.

Finding the Best Insurance Companies in Florida

When looking for car insurance companies in Florida, price isn’t everything – you must also find one that fits your lifestyle and driving habits. To make sure you select the correct provider, take into account customer service ratings, coverage offerings, and financial strength when making your choice. There are a few steps you can take to guarantee you make an informed decision.

When selecting Florida car insurance companies, the most essential step is to shop around. By comparing quotes from multiple providers, you can ensure that you’re paying the lowest possible rate for coverage.


Florida car insurance companies offer a range of discounts to suit every need, whether you need comprehensive coverage or basic liability coverage. To discover which ones apply to you, submit your information above and receive quotes from multiple insurers.