How to Save With an Arkansas Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance is required by Arkansas state law; however, there are ways to save on coverage. Drivers with clean records often qualify for discounts; bundling your policy with home or renters insurance may yield even greater savings; to find the best auto coverage deal use our free car insurance calculator to compare multiple insurers quotes quickly based on your profile and ZIP code.

What are the minimum state car insurance requirements in Arkansas?

In order to drive legally in Arkansas, drivers must carry at least 25/50/25 liability coverage. This covers any property damage or injuries you cause up to $25,000. Furthermore, comprehensive and collision coverage are recommended as they provide protection from other forms of damages; most lenders require this if leasing or financing your vehicle.

How much would a ticket or violation affect my car insurance rates in Arkansas?

Though every insurer uses its own formula for calculating premiums, you can use some general guidelines to predict how much your premium will increase after receiving a traffic citation. In general, the more serious the violation, the higher your rate may increase; however, every driver has their own risk level so it’s wise to shop around before settling on one policy.

Arkansas, like most other states, takes into account both age and gender as key rating factors when setting car insurance premiums. Younger and male drivers generally pay more than their counterparts as they tend to be inexperienced drivers more likely to cause accidents and file claims; male drivers also tend to engage in riskier driving behaviors such as speeding or drunk driving more frequently than their counterparts.

An arrest for DUI will increase your rates, yet it is still possible to find affordable coverage. Shopping around with multiple providers for the best deal and reinstating your license as quickly as possible are great strategies for finding affordable coverage. Should an SR-22 policy be necessary in order to return driving, however, finding such coverage may take longer.

Arkansas residents typically spend $2,080 annually for full coverage insurance with 100k/300k/50k in bodily injury liability coverage, 50k/100k in property damage liability and uninsured motorist coverage with a $500 deductible. While this option provides Arkansas residents with affordable coverage options, increasing limits or adding other coverages might provide better value and savings.

Geico, USAA, State Farm, Southern Farm Bureau and Columbia Insurance Group are among the top car insurance providers in Arkansas, offering competitive rates with many offering online quoting. Bundling home and auto policies through Progressive can save money as it offers discounted premiums on both policies. Furthermore, purchasing your policy online allows you to avoid high agent commission rates.