How to Use a Car Insurance Calculator

Colorado car insurance rates are among the highest in the nation, yet you may still save money by selecting policies with minimum coverage requirements and finding discounts or other ways to lower premiums. A car insurance calculator is an easy and efficient way to get quotes; using it allows users to estimate rates using various factors including age, driving history and credit score – these all play into risk levels for drivers which ultimately determines rates.

Colorado drivers pay on average $199 monthly in car insurance premiums compared to a national average of $159. Female drivers averaged an average monthly premium of $188; teenage drivers aged 16-19 paid three times as much due to inexperience behind the wheel and higher collision risk.

As such, it is vitally important that drivers maintain an excellent driving record and avoid accidents whenever possible. You can reduce car insurance premiums by switching from full coverage to liability-only car insurance; liability policies only cover damages or injuries you cause to other people within their predefined limits; full coverage policies however offer greater protection should a collision occur and could cover larger bills more adequately.

Your driving history can have an enormous impact on the car insurance rates you pay. For instance, receiving multiple speeding tickets or being charged with DUI could increase premiums by more than twofold compared to someone with an excellent record. A DUI conviction may also prevent drivers from getting loans or lease agreements that can be very frustrating.

Your credit is an effective way to lower car insurance premiums in Colorado; poor credit can raise premiums by an estimated 67 percent while outstanding scores reduce it by 17 percent or so. Geico and Progressive offer cheap coverage options for drivers with poor credit while USAA is considered the cheapest car insurer with high scores.

With an outstanding driving record and the addition of additional types of coverage to your policy, not only can you lower your car insurance rates in Colorado but you could save even more. Increased liability coverage to 100/300/100 with comprehensive and collision protection can reduce costs by about 10%. Add uninsured motorist coverage to your policy to protect against damages caused by drivers without car insurance or underinsured. Furthermore, consider usage-based car insurance like SmartMiles from Nationwide to help lower premium costs when not driving – its policy calculates premium based on how often, when, how far and for how long. Using MoneyGeek’s free online tool you can compare quotes for comparison of how these features will impact rates.