How to Use a Car Insurance Calculator

Louisiana residents cover many miles on their journeys each day, which makes quality car insurance all the more essential. Car insurance protects drivers against financial liability that could stem from an accident while helping them get back on the road quickly afterward. Our Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator makes it easy to enter all these details and get an estimated estimate of your rates.

First and foremost, you need to identify how much coverage is appropriate. In general, bodily injury and property damage coverage must be in your policy as this covers injuries caused to others when an accident is your responsibility, up to certain limits specified by it.

Selecting the appropriate level of insurance coverage can have a major effect on your budget. While understanding minimum state requirements is crucial, taking additional coverage options such as comprehensive and collision into account could prove helpful for you and make purchasing full coverage very worthwhile.

Other elements that determine car insurance in Louisiana include where you live, your credit score and the year, make and model of vehicle you drive. People living in cities often pay higher car insurance premiums due to increased traffic levels and accident risks; additionally repair/replace costs can have an impactful on premium as can crime rates such as theft and vandalism of the vehicle itself.

Your age plays a huge role in how much auto insurance costs. Since teenagers and young adults tend to be inexperienced drivers who statistically are more likely to get into accidents, they usually pay more. According to ValuePenguin research, an 18-year-old driver in Louisiana could expect to pay 200-300% more for full coverage compared to someone their own age (30).

Reducing or adding drivers can have a dramatic impact on how much car insurance costs in Louisiana. Teens and younger drivers usually need to add their parents as additional drivers on their policy, which will drive up rates significantly; married couples may add their spouse, which typically lowers costs by approximately 25%.

There are many factors that affect the cost of auto insurance in Louisiana, so it’s essential to shop around and compare quotes. Bankrate’s calculator makes this task easy – simply enter in your information and our car insurance calculator will find the balance between appropriate coverage and affordability for you!