How to Use a Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance rates vary significantly and drivers often question if their premium is reasonable. While each case may differ significantly, certain elements tend to influence your premium in an evenhanded manner: your driving record, type of car driven and amount of coverage chosen all play an integral part. While choosing an accurate policy can be dauntingly complex, shop around for multiple policies in order to get a clear idea of your costs.

Missouri car insurance providers with the best rates usually offer competitive monthly payments if you can demonstrate to them that you’re an excellent driver with no tickets or accidents on your record. From there, you can focus on finding an appropriate policy to fit both your budget and needs.

As it’s also essential to realize, if you have an incident like DUI or accident on your record, your car insurance is likely to increase significantly. Insurance companies view such offenses as high risk violations – meaning you are more likely to file a claim down the line and as such they charge higher prices for coverage to offset this risk.

As you search for car insurance in Missouri, keep in mind that making even small adjustments can have a dramatic effect on your premiums. For example, taking and passing a safe driver course could earn a discount off of your premium; additional savings opportunities exist through bundling policies or opting for paperless billing; you might even discover more savings opportunities by talking with your agent!

Factors that influence car insurance rates can be complicated and numerous; among the biggest contributors are adding a teen driver, your credit score and coverage choices you choose. Here’s an example of what these variables look like:

Young drivers typically pay more for car insurance due to insurers viewing them as more of a risk due to their inexperience on the road, which could potentially lead to more accidents and claims than older drivers. It is often cheaper for teens to remain covered under their parent’s policy until they turn 18 and can purchase their own coverage independently.

Missouri law stipulates minimum liability car insurance requirements of $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50k per accident for property damage coverage; additionally, uninsured motorist coverage of $25k must also be purchased. These limits can quickly become depleted in an accident situation; for this reason it’s wise to add extra coverage. To provide you with an idea of the costs associated with full coverage here are sample rates from Missouri car insurers: