How to Use a Car Insurance Calculator to Find the Best Rates and Coverage

Your auto insurance rate in Tennessee can be affected by a variety of factors. Before you shop around for the best rates and coverage, it’s essential to understand your individual situation. Our car insurance calculator helps you assess current premiums and compare them with quotes from top companies nearby.

Finding an accurate quote can be tedious and time-consuming. To get a reliable estimate of your policy costs, you need to gather information about your driving history, vehicle details and any other insurance-related details. Furthermore, you may save money through discounts or other incentives offered.

Your Driving Record: The longer your record remains clean, the lower your car insurance rates in Tennessee will be. Maintaining a clean driving record could qualify you for multiple auto insurance discounts that could reduce rates by as much as 40%.

Safety: Opting for a vehicle with excellent safety ratings is always wise. These may include front-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes, which could help lower your insurance rates.

Avoiding Risk: Drivers convicted of crimes such as driving under the influence or having an outstanding traffic violation will see their auto insurance rates go up. This is because there is a higher chance that they will get involved in an accident since proving your innocence becomes harder.

Reckless Driving: Being convicted of reckless driving is a class B misdemeanor and will have serious repercussions for your driving career. Reckless drivers typically face license suspension as well as fines of up to $580.

Uninsured Drivers: According to the Insurance Information Institute, Tennessee has one of the highest percentages of uninsured drivers in America. With more uninsured motorists on the road comes with greater potential claims.

Insurance Laws: State law requires all motorists to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to protect you financially in the event of an accident. We recommend that you purchase additional coverage such as collision and comprehensive insurance in addition to liability protection.

What is the average cost of a full coverage auto insurance policy in Tennessee?

Tennessee’s average annual premium for full coverage insurance is $1,3338. This includes both bodily injury liability and property damage liability – covering any damage done to another person’s possessions in case you cause an accident that was your fault.

Insurers assess the likelihood that you’ll file a claim and base their premium on this likelihood. Your insurer will calculate your premium according to both the likelihood of making a claim as well as the average amount of damage from single claims in your area.

Other factors that affect your insurance rates include age, gender and location. Drivers living in areas with high theft rates, severe weather patterns or a large number of uninsured drivers often pay higher premiums as a result.