How to Use an Iowa Car Insurance Calculator

Iowa Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance calculators are an invaluable way of estimating how much Iowa car insurance will cost you. They can give you a quick quote based on factors like your age, coverage required and driving record – the main factors affecting this cost being adding a teenage driver, type of coverage chosen and age; adding one can increase rates up to 3.2x!

GEICO’s car insurance calculator gives a personalized estimate of your auto insurance rates based on factors like coverage needs, driving history and vehicle characteristics as well as your desired levels. Additionally, state minimum requirements and your zip code are taken into consideration to create an estimate. In Iowa the annual state minimum liability premium averages out to approximately $223 annually.

As is true in most states, where you reside can have an enormous effect on your insurance rates. This is due to differences in accident and risk rates among areas as well as costs of living differences. Cities with more traffic generally tend to have higher premiums while cities with a lower crime rate have lower ones.

Your driving record in Iowa plays an essential part in determining your insurance rates, since insurance providers draw a correlation between your driving habits and likelihood of accidents, including tickets or convictions, and your premium rates – for instance a DUI will increase full coverage insurance in Iowa by an average of 87% per year.

Iowa does not mandate personal injury protection (PIP), however it is strongly suggested. PIP covers medical expenses associated with injuries sustained in an accident while uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage provides compensation for property damage or bodily injuries caused by drivers without sufficient coverage. The Hartford provides both policies under their standard policies; drivers can opt out by signing a form with their provider.

Iowa is a tort state, meaning the party responsible for an accident will be held financially liable. Therefore, maintaining adequate auto insurance coverage is vitally important. Liability coverage should always be purchased first but collision and comprehensive policies are highly recommended as they pay out repairs to your vehicle no matter who was at fault in an accident; additionally, theft protection and severe weather coverage may also provide cover in this regard. While not mandatory in Iowa, collision and comprehensive policies are nonetheless a wise investment.