Idaho Car Insurance Calculator

Idaho offers plenty of beautiful scenery, world-class skiing, and even a hotel shaped like an eagle! Additionally, Idaho boasts some of the lowest car insurance rates nationwide thanks to low accident and theft rates; but exactly how much you pay depends on a variety of factors that include age and driving record as well as vehicle type and coverage level – MoneyGeek’s Idaho Car Insurance Calculator can help estimate this for you!

Idaho car insurance costs an average annual cost of $1,121 annually – $561 less than the national average of $1,682. Idaho residents also can take advantage of several discounts that make Idaho an excellent place for finding car insurance policies at reasonable costs – such as low mileage discounts, good student discounts and safe driver discounts. We suggest shopping around for policies to find your best value policy!

As well as meeting legal minimums, we advise adding comprehensive and collision coverages for an extra layer of protection. Although the costs tend to be higher than minimum liability limits, comprehensive/collision can cover damages to both vehicles involved in an accident you cause as well as to those caused by you.

Note that Idaho car insurance premiums increase 21% upon a DUI conviction, so be sure to carefully consider this option if this is relevant to you. Drivers with clean records can find cheaper policies by shopping around and comparing quotes online.

Idaho is one of only a few states where insurance providers may use credit-based scores when setting car insurance premiums, so it is crucial that individuals understand how this will impact their rate before signing a policy.

The quotes presented here are based on an imagined 30-year-old single male driver profile comprising of a Honda Accord owner with no past claims or coverage lapses and a credit score of 720, who maintains full coverage on his Honda vehicle. Estimating that adding a teenage driver will raise rates by 75 percent is one example of how one’s individual situation and driving history can have a dramatic effect on how much auto insurance they must purchase. MoneyGeek’s Idaho car insurance calculator will give you an accurate rate estimate based on your ZIP code and coverage needs, providing a list of insurance providers who offer coverage that can meet them. Clicking a company link allows you to read reviews and obtain an online quote, while “Comparison Rating” lets you compare how your current insurer stands up against some of Idaho’s best auto insurers. Of the five highest rated insurers, four do not feature major names like you might expect but all provide outstanding levels of customer service at affordable rates.