Idaho Car Insurance Calculator

Idaho car insurance costs an average annual premium of $1,121 – significantly less than the national average. A variety of factors influence Idaho auto insurance premiums including age, location and coverage level.

Idaho requires minimum liability coverage limits of 25/50/15; however, many drivers choose to increase these limits in order to better safeguard themselves and their financial assets. Along with basic liability protection, some policies also include collision and comprehensive protection which could save drivers considerable amounts should an accident occur; typically this extra coverage requires paying a premium that is approximately three times higher than with standard state minimum policies.

Drivers should shop around and compare quotes as insurers can vary considerably in their pricing structures, especially for high-risk drivers. USAA boasts some of the lowest liability rates in Idaho while other top carriers include Geico and Auto-Owners.

Idaho car insurance rates also depend upon the make and model of vehicle insured, with luxury sports cars costing more to insure than domestic models; higher theft rate cars could have higher premiums compared to similar vehicles of similar make/model with lower theft rates.

Driving record is another key factor that influences Idaho car insurance rates. A strong record can often result in reduced premiums, while DUI or at-fault accidents will often incur much higher prices. Points accrued on your license can have an effect, and multiple offenses could even lead to cancellation of coverage altogether.

Age plays an integral role when calculating Idaho car insurance costs, with young and teenage drivers generally paying higher premiums due to having higher crash rates and being considered riskier drivers than adult drivers. Drivers aged 30-60 typically experience the most affordable Idaho auto insurance premiums.

As a general guideline, the further away from an urban area you live, the lower your Idaho car insurance will be. This is due to various risks such as crime, traffic congestion and car theft in different locations.

Idaho car insurance savings come from bundling it with homeowner’s or life insurance, maintaining good credit ratings and taking safe driving courses. As a leading Idaho insurance brokerage, we can assist drivers in finding suitable coverage at competitive prices that meets both their budget and needs. Contact us now and learn about your options – we look forward to speaking with you!