Illinois Car Insurance Calculator

Navigating car insurance costs doesn’t need to be an exercise in guesswork. Bankrate’s Illinois Car Insurance Calculator makes estimating your potential monthly premium easier by asking just a few questions about driving history, vehicles and coverage needs. While not an exact quote replacement service, this calculator gives Illinois drivers a ballpark estimate which helps with planning financial goals more easily.

Illinois requires all drivers to carry at least minimum liability insurance, which covers costs related to injuries or property damages caused by you causing an accident and legal defense if anyone sues over it. However, for some drivers this basic coverage may not suffice; depending on the value of their car and personal assets they may consider increasing it further.

Additional auto coverages beyond state minimums may also be purchased, such as collision coverage for repairs or replacement of your vehicle and rental reimbursement services, roadside assistance coverage, rental reimbursement services and medical coverage for you and any passengers involved in an accident. Be mindful, though: extra policies could raise insurance rates significantly.

Your car insurance costs depend on a range of factors, such as your age, location, driving record and credit score. Younger drivers and males tend to pay higher premiums due to increased risks for accidents.

Also important are your vehicle’s safety features and any discounts you might qualify for; some insurers provide discounts for drivers who pay their premium in full; other may reward safe drivers with lower rates. Likewise, make and model of your car can have an effect on its price; certain models tend to cost more to repair or replace than others.

As part of your analysis, consider the cost of living in your area. It could alter car insurance premiums depending on factors like crime rate, traffic congestion and weather conditions; in certain areas there could be differences between rates in suburbs versus the city.

If you need help selecting the appropriate coverages, consulting a licensed insurance agent may help determine your exact needs. They will explain state minimum requirements and compare options until finding your ideal deal. You can also use NerdWallet’s car insurance comparison tool in Illinois to see quotes from top providers.