Illinois Car Insurance Calculator – What Factors Affect the Cost of Car Insurance in Illinois

Illinois is home to nearly 12 million residents, making it the sixth-most populous state in America. From bustling Chicago to rural agricultural communities, its landscapes and economies differ widely, yet all Illinois drivers share one thing in common – an insatiable need for reliable car insurance coverage. While Illinois average annual premium rates may be $1,801, that figure doesn’t account for factors which could increase or decrease premium costs considerably.

Car insurance rates depend heavily on the make and model of your vehicle; certain models are more prone to being stolen or damaged than others, while certain ones require extra safety features that increase overall costs of policies. Furthermore, those living in urban areas typically pay more due to increased risks for accidents and theft.

Credit scores can also have an impactful effect on policy costs, with those with excellent credit securing much lower premiums than their counterparts with poorer scores. Illinois allows insurers to use drivers’ credit-based insurance scores when setting premiums.

Age and gender also have an effect on auto insurance premiums. Young and teen drivers typically face the highest costs, though costs tend to decrease as drivers reach their 20s. Men tend to pay more than women; additionally, having multiple speeding tickets or an at-fault accident in your history could dramatically raise rates.

Illinois drivers must meet minimum liability and property damage coverage limits set by law; additional coverage options are optional, though liability and property damage coverage should at a minimum. Each injured party should receive $250,000 of coverage per accident while $500,000 per incident for property damages is the maximum limit allowed in Illinois.

Drivers can lower their car insurance premiums by shopping around, taking defensive driving classes and decreasing coverage levels; however, high premiums in many states remain an impediment to success. Country Financial, State Farm and Geico all provide competitive rates in Illinois; using NerdWallet’s Illinois Car Insurance Calculator will help you quickly identify which policy best meets your budget needs – simply enter your ZIP code! The calculator will take into account your individual rating factors and provide you with an estimated cost estimate for an insurance policy. For a more tailored estimate, submit your driver profile and receive custom car insurance quotes from top providers across your state. Plus, compare rates in various cities so that you can gain insight into how the costs of car insurance vary across your state!