Kansas Car Insurance Calculator

Kansas Car Insurance Calculator

Kansas requires drivers to maintain at least a minimum car insurance coverage level. This coverage can help cover medical bills and property damage for others involved in an accident you cause as well as provide some financial security for yourself and passengers. Drivers wishing for additional coverage beyond what the minimum requires or having difficulty purchasing car insurance through voluntary market can seek assistance through Kansas Automobile Insurance Plan.

Kansas auto insurance rates depend on many different rating factors, such as coverage level, driving history and location. Please use this tool to estimate what your rates might look like depending on your unique profile.

NerdWallet used data from each state’s Division of Vehicle and Driver Services to calculate car insurance costs, using variables such as age, gender, ZIP code and the year, make and model of each vehicle owned in each household. We then assessed rates for three coverage levels: liability-only policies are typically cheaper but provide only minimal state requirements coverage while full coverage policies provide more comprehensive protection in case of accidents or theft.

Below, the rates for each coverage level and average annual premiums for Kansas drivers are displayed, along with our profile analysis of each company to identify the top car insurers in Kansas. Safeco offers Kansas’ lowest liability-only rates while Allstate stands out as having more affordable full coverage options; both offer local agents and digital tools for managing policies as well as Drivewise Telematics to recognize good drivers with premium discounts.

Some states allow insurers to consider your credit when setting premiums. Companies can charge higher rates to drivers with poor credit as they’re more likely to file claims. To illustrate how credit affects car insurance premiums, we compared premiums between our driver with good and poor credit scores – the difference in premiums was stark!

Good credit will save you money on car insurance in Kansas. Furthermore, it could protect against identity theft and other threats. For additional savings on both fronts, consider bundling both car and home policies with one company – doing this can often reduce premiums by 25%!