Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

Doing a car insurance quote in Louisiana takes more than just entering your name, driving history and vehicle details; but that shouldn’t stop you from gathering quotes that help inform decisions about coverage. Our free Louisiana car insurance calculator makes estimating costs easy: our calculator estimates expected monthly payments based on age, driving record and coverage levels so you can use this data to compare rates and find the right car policy for yourself or your family.

According to ValuePenguin, drivers in Louisiana spend an estimated annual average of $795 on car insurance premiums. Although that amount may seem higher than other states’ annual average, when all factors contributing to rate calculations are taken into consideration it may actually be less. Louisiana is considered an area with high accident risks so expect your premiums to be more expensive than other states.

Keep your driving record clean, shop around for the best rates, add a safe driver discount and choose higher deductibles – these strategies should help bring down rates! However, some drivers are at higher risk than others of being involved in an accident and should consider uninsured motorist coverage (UM) which covers medical bills and damage incurred if another driver without auto insurance collides into them.

Other elements that contribute to your car insurance rates include age, driving record, vehicle type and coverage level. Younger drivers tend to pay more due to being considered higher risks of an accident; having poor credit ratings also has the effect of making you a riskier driver and increasing rates accordingly.

Assigning a teenage driver to your policy will also raise costs, while owning a luxury or sports vehicle – which are more costly to insure – will drive up premiums significantly. A car insurance lapse increases rates by around 12% so make sure to maintain continuous coverage to keep costs at an absolute minimum.

Overall, USAA provides Louisiana residents with the cheapest car insurance coverage. Their average rate for an early-20s male costs only $1846 annually – nearly double what female drivers can expect to pay! Other affordable providers in Louisiana include Southern Farm Bureau, State Farm and Safeway. It’s important to compare multiple quotes before making your choice; rates can differ significantly between companies; also consider asking an independent agent about any discounts you might qualify for that might save even more money in the long run. To get an accurate quote it’s wise to speak with a local agent who can compare top providers.