Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

Louisiana law mandates car insurance coverage for drivers, and motorists should make sure they have enough to meet state minimum requirements (15/30/25 for bodily injury and property damage to others). As well as meeting those minimums, motorists should also consider comprehensive and collision policies as additional forms of coverage to pay for repairs or replacement costs in an accident, medical costs for themselves or passengers as well as cover any associated medical bills – though their costs could increase depending on various factors.

Age and gender both play an integral part in setting car insurance premiums in Louisiana. Young drivers usually incur the highest premiums, even when added onto their parents’ policies due to inexperience behind the wheel and greater chance of an accident occurring. Drivers in their 20s typically pay about twice what 40-year-old drivers do while male drivers usually experience lower rates than their counterparts.

Additionally, age and driving record play an integral role in setting driver rates. In most states, including Louisiana, insurers use factors like credit-based insurance scores when setting rates. Drivers with better scores typically enjoy lower premiums while those with poor histories could see their rates skyrocket up to 20 percent more quickly; drivers charged with DUI typically experience even steeper rate hikes while multiple traffic violations or at-fault accidents can result in even steeper rate spikes.

No matter their background, drivers can take steps to lower their car insurance rates. Paying tickets off promptly or enrolling in defensive driving courses are among the many strategies available for doing just this. In addition, motorists can shop around for the best rates; GEICO provides Louisiana residents with liability-only car insurance while State Farm is ideal if an at-fault accident or speeding conviction occurred.

Vehicle make and model also play an integral part in rate calculations; vehicles more costly to repair or replace tend to attract higher premiums from insurers. Some providers also provide incentives like loyalty discounts, driver safety courses or telematics programs which reward safe driving behaviors.

No matter the coverage requirements for your car in Louisiana, shopping around for the lowest auto insurance cost should be an ongoing process. With our free tool you can compare customized quotes and find the ideal policy at an unbeatably competitive rate.

This article was updated April 24, 2019.

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