Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

If you need to quickly determine how much car insurance in Louisiana, MoneyGeek has an easy-to-use tool that does the work. It takes into account factors driving insurance rates in your state and provides a quick estimate of how much coverage will cost. From there, you can compare quotes and find a policy that fits within budget.

Utilizing the Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

Your premiums for car insurance will be heavily influenced by what type of coverage you select. If you opt for only state minimum liability protection, for instance, your premium would be three times higher than if you bought full coverage which includes both liability and comprehensive/collision protection.

Underinsuring your policy can leave you vulnerable to major lawsuits, as it won’t cover medical costs and vehicle repair expenses if an accident occurs. For added protection against high-deductible claims costs, consider adding a high-deductible plan to your policy.

Credit Score & Driving Record

A clean driving record can save you a considerable amount on auto insurance. On average, drivers with good records pay $625 less annually than those who have poor records.

Drivers convicted of driving under the influence will see their insurance quotes skyrocket. On average, rates for single DUI convictions are 54% higher than clean drivers’, while those with multiple convictions pay an additional 62% premium.

Young Drivers Have Higher Insurance Rates

Teen drivers tend to cause more accidents than other drivers, so car insurance companies classify them as risky and charge them higher premiums. On average, adding a teenage driver onto your family policy increases your premiums by 159%!

Younger drivers in Louisiana may be able to save on car insurance by shopping around for different policies. Requesting quotes from multiple highly rated providers annually can help them locate budget-friendly coverage.

Finding the Best Insurance Company in Louisiana

Securing affordable yet high-quality car insurance policies is essential for keeping your family protected and financial assets secure. Furthermore, it’s part of driving legally in Louisiana.

Louisiana has an at-fault insurance system, meaning the responsible party in a multicar accident pays for damages to all cars involved. While this type of policy may not be suitable for everyone, if your area experiences high rates of traffic-related fatalities and injuries it’s worth considering whether it would benefit you.

Married Drivers in Louisiana Receive an Average Discount of 7% on Their Policies

Married drivers in Louisiana typically receive a discount on their policies of around 7%, though this number varies between providers. On average, Farm Bureau provides the cheapest option for Louisiana motorists who are married – $4 per month less than its competitors on average.