Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance rates in Louisiana tend to be slightly higher than the national average, though premiums depend on individual circumstances, including coverage level, driving record and credit score. MoneyGeek conducted extensive analysis on these factors to give an idea of their significance and provide insights on how you could lower rates.

Drivers with clean records and good credit usually pay less for car insurance than those with poorer records, especially because having a clean driving history helps avoid costly penalties such as high deductibles, license suspension and even jail time if an accident occurs.

Driver age and demographic also has an impactful effect on premium costs. Teen drivers typically pay twice what middle-aged drivers pay for full coverage policies; under-18 drivers will typically need to be added as drivers on a parent or legal guardian’s policy; older drivers typically benefit from reduced premiums as a result of experience driving and having proven good records.

Your car type also impacts your rates; typically newer models cost more to insure due to high-tech features that require costly repairs or replacement. Before making your final decision, be sure to get several insurance quotes before making a final choice.

Your vehicle’s value also impacts its insurance premium. Insurers charge more to insure vehicles considered more valuable because they pose greater risk of theft or totaled accidents than other models.

To provide an idea of the cost associated with auto policies in Louisiana, we analyzed prices for an example driver profile who has full coverage and drives a Honda Accord in a moderate price range – this particular model being ideal because no tickets or accidents have occurred during that timeframe.

Our research indicates that USAA offers Louisiana drivers with both minimum and full coverage the lowest average rates, followed by State Farm and GEICO. However, your exact prices depend on your unique situation; only by comparing quotes can you identify which provider offers the best deal.

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