Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance is an essential necessity in Louisiana, with minimum coverage requirements that are higher than the national average. Therefore, it’s vital that drivers do their research when selecting their provider. MoneyGeek’s auto insurance calculator can assist in this regard by helping determine costs based on factors like age, credit and driving record profile; as well as whether comprehensive/collision coverage should be added or excluded from policies.

Louisiana’s top car insurance providers typically provide rates that fall well below state averages. USAA, for example, boasts rates more than $1,000 below national average for drivers with excellent credit – significantly cheaper than State Farm and Farm Bureau who both boast competitive rates and earned high marks from customers in a Gallup poll. You should also consider AM Best’s financial ratings that indicate how likely an insurer is to remain solvent and pay out claims promptly to customers.

Louisiana car insurance rates differ based on age, with younger drivers generally incurring the highest premiums (even when covered under their parent’s policy) while male drivers pay higher than female rates. But as drivers age their rates tend to drop; according to ValuePenguin estimates a 30-year-old in Louisiana pays approximately the same as 25-year-old drivers, while married individuals tend to pay slightly less.

Although state minimum liability coverage should suffice to keep drivers legal on the road, many drivers choose to purchase additional coverage to cover medical bills and vehicle repairs. As adding more extensive protection often leads to an increase in cost, it’s wise to shop around for better rates before making this commitment.

Consider also how quickly and smoothly claims are processed – companies with higher scores may make your experience more pleasant than ones with lower ratings.

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