Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator – How Factors Affect Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates depend on various factors and can be difficult to comprehend, yet there are simple steps drivers can take to gain a more accurate estimation of their car insurance costs in Louisiana. MoneyGeek car insurance calculator is an invaluable resource that offers quick and accurate estimates based on age, driving record history, vehicle type and coverage levels – this tool makes estimating car insurance easy!

Louisiana drivers looking for cheap car insurance will find that GEICO, State Farm and SafeAuto offer average liability-only rates that are over $100 less than state average. USAA may be worth looking into for full coverage; its lower rate stands out among competitors while their customer service received top marks on JD Power’s survey.

Driving records can have a major influence on a Louisiana motorist’s car insurance rates. Any traffic tickets or accidents on their driving history will result in higher premiums; speeding tickets raise them 22 percent while DUI convictions can increase them up to 70 percent.

Driving records can also be affected by whether or not drivers take a defensive driving course. Participating in such classes can reduce points on your record and consequently, lower auto insurance premiums.

Another factor influencing car insurance rates for drivers includes their credit score and coverage level. Poor credit can increase rates significantly as providers view these drivers as greater risks of filing claims; it is therefore vital that drivers build strong credit histories.

As far as coverage levels go, one of the key determining factors is an individual driver’s age and driving record. Younger drivers are more likely to get into accidents, which is why their rates typically increase when adding them as drivers on a policy. Furthermore, adding teens as drivers increases rates further; due to their increased accident risk. Therefore, parents need to speak to their insurer about establishing parental controls or guidelines for their teen drivers before adding them as drivers on a policy.

Other factors can also impact Louisiana car insurance costs, but those listed above are some of the key ones. Drivers should shop around to find which company can offer the best rate based on their individual situation and needs; discounts that may apply such as student or loyalty discounts should also be investigated. For a more accurate estimation of their total car insurance cost, use our Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator!