Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator – How to Find the Cheapest Rates in Louisiana

Louisiana ranks among the most expensive states for auto insurance premiums, with average premiums that average nearly one thousand dollars more annually than their national counterparts. But drivers can take steps to save money – starting by comparing quotes from companies identified by WalletHub as offering affordable policies in Louisiana; make sure their policy meets minimum coverage requirements set by their state too!

Louisiana car insurance premiums depend on a range of factors, including age, gender, driving record and credit history. While some of these aspects are beyond your control, there are ways you can lower costs such as maintaining a clean driving history and taking advantage of discounts available to you.

Louisiana drivers with poor driving records tend to pay higher insurance premiums. Even one speeding ticket could increase premiums by 20%; DUI conviction could cause them to soar 93 percent! Insurance providers view those who have had recent traffic violations or accidents as greater risks, passing on that increased cost through higher premiums for customers who remain safe drivers.

Louisiana law mandates car insurance coverage, with most residents choosing a basic liability policy offering up to $15,000 worth of coverage per person and $30,000 of accident coverage – or $25,0000 total property damage liability coverage. In addition, medical payments coverage provides cover in case of an accident regardless of fault and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can provide extra security, with approximately 11.7 drivers across Louisiana driving uninsured and underinsured.

MoneyGeek’s free online car insurance calculator will give you an estimate of your insurance costs in Louisiana and will indicate which factors drive up premiums most significantly, such as adding a teen driver, driving a high-performance vehicle or having poor credit.

Add comprehensive and collision coverage to your Louisiana auto insurance can increase its costs, but may be well worth your while if you are at increased risk of accidents or major losses. As well as covering car repairs, comprehensive coverage provides compensation in cases such as theft and natural disasters as well as costs related to replacing windshields, fixing dents, and restoring interiors after damage occurs.

Driving without insurance in Louisiana is illegal and may result in significant fines. Furthermore, people found guilty will likely have their vehicle impounded and be required to attend court hearings.