Maine Car Insurance Calculator

At MoneyGeek’s Maine Car Insurance Calculator, you can explore historic lighthouses or indulge in fresh lobster rolls with ease while legally driving across this state. However, costs for car insurance policies can differ dramatically between drivers based on factors like age and credit score; using MoneyGeek’s Maine Car Insurance Calculator helps evaluate your options to find a balance between coverage and cost.

Maine is an at-fault car insurance state, meaning if a driver causes an accident they are responsible for paying the other driver’s medical costs and damages. Comparing quotes will help find you coverage that fits within your budget.

Young drivers tend to pay higher car insurance premiums in Maine due to their inexperience behind the wheel and statistically increased risk of having an accident. Because of this, teens must often remain covered under their parents’ policy until they turn 18, at which point they can obtain their own policy – this enables parents to save money on rates by spreading out payments more evenly between vehicles insured with one another – helping offset additional costs associated with insuring teens.

Your driving record is another major factor when calculating car insurance rates in Maine. An at-fault accident on your record could increase rates by as much as 76% on average compared to accident-free drivers, although even with one at-fault incident on record you could save 30-35% by shopping around and comparing quotes.

Your vehicle type can also influence your rates. Expensive luxury or sports cars may cost more to insure due to repair costs if involved in an accident; while certain models are also more likely to be stolen than others and therefore affect rates accordingly.

Additionally to mandatory liability coverage, collision and comprehensive policies provide added protection from damage that you cause to your own vehicle and from events not covered by mandatory liability coverage, such as theft, vandalism, riots, fire, falling objects and collisions with animals (like deer). However, they may be costly – carefully assess their value before purchasing additional coverage.

MoneyGeek’s Maine Car Insurance Calculator allows you to quickly compare quotes from top carriers and tailor coverage specifically to your needs. Simply enter your personal information into our calculator for personalized quotes from only top providers within minutes. After reviewing those, compare rates by rating factor to find coverage levels best suited for you – plus, use this tool to estimate minimum insurance requirements in Maine!