Maine Car Insurance Calculator

Maine Car Insurance Calculator

The Maine Car Insurance Calculator from Zebra calculates your estimated annual premium based on where you live, the year, make and model of your car as well as driving history and coverage preferences. Liability coverage covers damages you cause in a crash such as medical costs and property damage; either get state minimum limits or opt for higher limits and optional policies like comprehensive and collision coverages for optimal protection.

Maine car insurance costs can depend heavily on your risk of an accident; to lower this risk, maintain a clean driving record and purchase adequate liability coverage.

Credit scores play an integral part in determining the cost of car insurance in Maine. Drivers with poor or fair credit can often pay more, as carriers view them as greater risks than drivers with outstanding records. If this describes you, taking steps such as paying down debts and increasing your score can reduce premiums significantly.

After being at-fault in an auto accident in Maine, your auto insurance rates will likely increase substantially – perhaps by as much as 51% on average. There may be ways to decrease these premiums following such incidents; one such method might include attending a defensive driving course.

Teenage drivers typically pay higher premiums for car insurance in Maine due to limited experience and more risky driving practices. You can help your teen find lower coverage by encouraging good grades, limiting driving hours and opting for older vehicles.

Save money on car insurance by opting for higher levels of property damage liability coverage. This will cover any repairs needed on other drivers’ vehicles if an accident was your responsibility, while lowering it would leave yourself vulnerable in case of an incident.

Maine law offers uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to provide protection if you’re hit by someone without enough insurance, or who does have coverage but falls below minimum limits. Such policies help cover medical costs associated with an accident caused by such drivers.

Maine drivers with clean records who opt for minimum liability coverage pay an annual average annual rate of $386 – this figure is lower than the national average of $361. You may wish to purchase additional coverages such as comprehensive and collision policies to protect you from other cars or weather incidents; these additional coverages may add costs, however.