Maine Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance rates depend on many different variables that you may or may not have control of, some within your control and others that are beyond it. MoneyGeek’s Maine car insurance calculator will give an estimate of the costs based on state minimum requirements as well as factors like your age, driving record and coverage level – giving you enough data to find the ideal provider from both local and national providers alike.

Here in Maine, here are the factors that could increase your auto insurance rates:

Age of the Drivers: Younger drivers tend to be involved in more auto accidents and exhibit higher risks for reckless driving like speeding. Furthermore, they have less driving experience compared to older drivers; making them an expensive risk and thus expensive to insure; adding one increases premiums by approximately 3.4x on average.

Driving Record: Your insurance premiums depend on your driving history and any infractions such as speeding tickets or DUI arrests, with speeding tickets often increasing rates while DUI arrest can see them skyrocket significantly.

Vehicle Type: Your car type also plays an impactful role on its insurance rate; certain models are more prone to collisions than others; sports and luxury vehicles in particular are likely to experience more frequent damage, leading to higher premiums than a four-door sedan for instance.

Coverage Levels: Your insurance premiums can increase or decrease depending on how much liability coverage and comprehensive and collision coverage you opt for, along with whether or not comprehensive and collision policies are included in your package. Usually lower limit liability policies offer cheaper premiums.

Credit score: Insurance companies use your credit report to evaluate how reliable of a driver you are, so having a good score usually equates to lower car insurance premiums; on the other hand, having poor ratings could have serious repercussions for your policy costs.

Insurers in Maine will consider factors like your marital status, gender and education when setting car insurance rates for you. They also take your annual mileage into consideration, whether or not you own your home and how long your coverage has been continuous.

Are You Searching for Maine Car Insurance Discounts? If you want to cut costs with your Maine auto insurance premiums, try shopping around for discounts. Many top insurance providers offer them for safe driving, good grades, multiple vehicles and paying your premiums early. Furthermore, raising your deductible on comprehensive and collision policies could reduce rates further or bundle them all together to save more.