Maine Car Insurance Calculator

Maine Car Insurance Calculator

MoneyGeek’s Maine Car Insurance Calculator shows you the various personal factors affecting your premiums, which helps determine the appropriate level of coverage needed. Additionally, this tool reveals top car insurance providers in Maine as well as providing tips to lower auto rates such as bundling policies and taking advantage of discounts.

Your car’s make and model will have an effect on its Maine car insurance rate; more commonly-driven four-door sedans tend to be more economical to insure than sports cars or luxury models, as are its safety features; typically models equipped with frontal airbags cost more to insure than those without them.

Driving record can also have an effect on car insurance premiums; insurers take adverse notice of past at-fault accidents and traffic violations and this may explain why drivers with multiple infractions pay more.

Age and gender can also play a significant role in setting car insurance premiums. Teenagers pay particularly high rates due to their risky driving behaviors and inexperience behind the wheel; accidents due to teenagers can increase rates by up to 3.4x for families according to Bankrate. Men typically pay more than women for car insurance; this gap usually narrows as middle age approaches.

Credit score can also have an effect on Maine auto insurance prices; providers often view individuals with poor credit as higher risks for filing claims and consequently charge them an average of nearly $962 more annually compared to drivers with excellent credit.

Coverage level is also a driver-specific element that influences prices, particularly with minimum and full coverage options. State minimum liability coverage tends to be cheaper than full coverage; however, it doesn’t provide as much protection in an accident situation; therefore some drivers choose additional protection such as uninsured motorist coverage or medical payments (MedPay) which could help cover medical expenses or lost wages from an accident they caused themselves or was caused by someone without sufficient insurance coverage.

Increase your deductible to reduce car insurance costs, but be wary as this reduces financial protection in case of a claim. Search around for better deals or look into usage-based programs offering discounts for safe driving such as braking patterns or time of day driving – some companies even provide a discount if your car is garaged; keeping it out of Maine winter temperatures helps minimize damages to vehicles!