Maryland Car Insurance Calculator

Maryland Car Insurance Calculator

Maryland may be one of the more expensive states for car insurance policies, but drivers can still find affordable policies through comparison shopping. Driving history plays the greatest role in determining your premium; other factors like age, gender, marital status, credit history and annual mileage also have an effect.

Driving without car insurance in Maryland is a misdemeanor that could incur fines and jail time, but drivers can save money by opting for minimum liability coverage instead of full coverage insurance policies. USAA, Progressive, Erie Insurance and Kemper offer affordable minimum-liability car policies; however many lenders require their leased or financed cars have full coverage insurance as a condition for leasing or financing agreements.

AARP’s Maryland Car Insurance Calculator will help you estimate how much car insurance in Maryland should cost you each year or month depending on factors like age, location, driving record and coverage levels. It provides estimates based on factors like your age and driving record for both annual and monthly costs of coverage.

This calculator is easy and free to use, helping you quickly identify which options best meet your needs. Completing it should take no longer than 10-15 minutes with instant results available instantly for viewing on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Maryland drivers typically enjoy some of the highest average full coverage car insurance premiums nationwide, yet there are ways to lower them. Your driving record plays the biggest part, though other considerations like car type, annual mileage and even factors beyond your control can influence rates as well. High risk drivers (those who have multiple driving violations on their record) usually require the most costly coverage options.

Your age is one of the primary determinants when it comes to setting car insurance rates in Maryland and can affect it up to 2.4x. Teen drivers tend to cost the most due to lack of experience driving and high accident risk.

Credit scores play an integral part in determining car insurance premiums, with poor scores impacting them up to two-and-a-half times more in Maryland than good ones. Achieve maximum savings with excellent scores while bad credit may increase rates considerably.

Your vehicle type plays an essential role in determining your car insurance rates, with luxury or sports vehicles costing twice as much to insure than SUVs or sedans due to higher repair and replacement costs. Furthermore, coverage selection plays an integral part; minimal liability policies tend to be less costly while full coverage plans tend to cost more. You could save money by opting for hybrid cars or bundling your auto and home policies together.